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Go'el Yisra'el : Verlosser Van Israel

When the. Many synagogues of the s. Most of the Jews who had ownedsprung up in the eastern cities of Canada, and farms moved to urban areas.

No organized antisemitism existedmostly composed of Russian members, opened its until the rise of Nazism in the s, when Adriendoors in The majority of 19th-century Jew- Arcand attempted to exploit the xenophobicish synagogues in Canada eventually affiliated nature of French Canadians in that direction. James Keegstra, ErnstCanada, but the number swelled to , Zundel, and Malcolm Ross, in three separatebetween and The effort tosentiment.

In addition, Canadian policy only expel Nazi war criminals living in Canada has hadencouraged the immigration of farmers. Canadian mixed success; some were extradited while othersJewish communal organizations such as the Jew- have been acquitted. It was not Jewish social service agencies, synagogues, news-until , after the end of World War II, that papers, and a Jewish education system.

Synagogueimmigration laws changed in Canada. K 78 candlesJews live in the province of Quebec; Toronto is Sabbath and the working week. The havdalah can-also a thriving center of Jewish life. The blessing over the candle is to remind oneselfFurther reading: Irving M. Tulchinsky, Taking Root: The Origins of the each day observed. Lighting candles should desire increase in matters of sanctity and notdates back to the TEMPLE when the priests would decrease. The Chanukah lights are intended to be alight a seven-candle candelabra called the MENO- reminder of the miracle of oil.

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In modern times, Jews light can- lasted eight days. The Shabbat candles are lit a glass to burn safely for 24 hours. Often yahrzeitbefore sunset on Friday to mark the beginning of candles are also used in remembrance ceremoniesthe Sabbath with all its joys and restrictions.

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He felt that the light Ronald H. Isaacs and Kerry M. Universe, who creates the light of the fire.


The pri-the ceremony that marks the line between the. Caro, Joseph ben-Ephraim 79 Jmary responsibility of the cantor is to lead the member of the Jewish community and acclaimedcongregation in singing the prayers. Cardozo was known forand blowing the SHOFAR became the primary func- superlative speaking skills and impeccabletions of the cantor.

Soloists or choirs would some- integrity. In , President Herbert Hoovertimes accompany the cantor as he led the prayers.

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He thus became the second Jew, after Louis Over the centuries the role of the cantor D. By this time a cantor had to be knowl- versity and with various organizations in the Jewishedgeable in biblical and liturgical literature, have a community.

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  6. To a degree, the profession of cantor is a mod- Considered to have been one of the great legal mindsern creation. When a lay Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law. Cantors have their own organizations Press, ; Andrew L. Kaufman, Cardozo Cam-through which they protect their interests, learn bridge, Mass. Supreme Court justice Judaism. Benjamin Cardozo, the second Jewish U. Supreme Court Justice, was known as an active. Stephen M. Safed who claimed to have experienced mysticalevents frequently, often in dreams. Their hopes for a new intellectual center werenot fulfilled, but Caro saw his own ordination as a According to Genesis, Abraham bought thegenuine source of personal authority.

    Jewish tradition holds that he refused to Caro came to believe that a maggid, or spiritual accept the property as a gift or take it in conquestguide, was giving him instructions on HALAKHAH in so that its ownership would never come into ques-his dreams, which he then compiled into an exten- tion.

    Three pairs of foremothers and forefatherssive legal compendium called Bet Joseph House of are believed to be buried in the cave: Abraham andJoseph. Some legends claimfor everyday use. Caro himself published an abbre- that Adam and Eve are buried there as well. The two works often appear together at other times it has been open to all pilgrims.