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Reading Barry is an ecstatic experience, and her unique blend of extravagant cartoon and collage serves this memoir-cum-creativity-manual perfectly. Search by Title.

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  • Hillary Chute, Artforum. LOVE Island — it is what it is then. Starting point was Sherif, when none of the girls took a step forward to be partnered by him, on the opening night. A couple of lust triangles have developed around Lucie, but so little has actually happened that commentator Iain Stirling has been turning all the same stationery jokes he made about Jack, last year, into sandwich jokes about Joe.

    It may all change overnight, of course. Nothing happening on Love Island is still a more enticing prospect for a lot of people than every- thing happening in politics. She was a box-ticking amalgamation of all the scientists who cam- paigned for the truth to come out about the disaster.

    No one can refute it. It stops short any constructive communication right in its tracks. If you ask a person why something can't be accomplished and his or her response is, "It is what it is," then there is no moving forward.

    Blockchain: What It Is, What It Does, and Why You Probably Don’t Need One | St. Louis Fed

    It is an invisible, immovable barrier stronger than the Death Star's deflector shield, and one that no Jedi can disable. Granted, there are many circumstances where using "it is what it is" is completely appropriate. Weather, car accidents, death, Internet trolls and the continual sucking of every Cleveland sports team are all situations that are completely out of your control and no sort of brainstorming session is going to solve them.

    The problem is that people are using the phrase as a catch-all to avoid being proactive. It's easier to say a catch phrase than it is to solve a problem.

    Also, using the phrase is not particularly deep, thought provoking or insightful. It's the equivalent of screaming, " Serenity now!

    “It is what it is”

    Let's face it, "it is what it is" is a super fun thing to say. It rolls off the tongue with the utmost of grace and ease. Throw in a little shrug and a half smile and pretty soon you've got a nice little character trait going there.