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They are a state of passage through which the viewer may wander, for as long as his spirit leads him. They occasionally allude to the horizon, the sky and the earth. The use of water liquefies the ink, and prevents clear contours from forming. Everything is in motion, in permanent transformation. It only appears partially when small lines or dots are placed to represent trees, stones or columns.

All the landscapes are more like internal works, like an ideal landscape: large, free, untouched and in perpetual creation. In his paintings nothing is final. They breathe and are like living organisms. Their meaning can only be approached, but the paintings can never be fully understood. Letting the colours flow into each other, creating only nuances from black to grey to almost white, an osmotic relation between colour and paper establishes, with only a little help from the artist, an independent space.

The colour itself fills this space, without determining it. The act of painting is the door to the implied spiritual cosmos which is limited by time and space. The emptiness can be interpreted as an active Space, a pendant, a provoker of tension, giving the paintings a feeling of freedom and spaciousness. All this can not be interpreted without the Zen-tradition and its spiritual message. I see art less as a self expression but more as an act of self cleansing — with more or less sober eyes, which look at the continuously changing world and to a great extent, to the incoherent self.

It may be right to consequentially claim that the work is only the means to the goal. The creative force needed by all people lies in the ability to penetrate a different reality and in the ability to feel an unknown mental force of creation. Mot de passe perdu? Cliquez ici pour vous connecter. Les amateurs lunaires et cosmonautes en herbe seront ravis du voyage. Le Cent-Quatre fait sa boum des dix ans.

For a Baroque Aesthetic, A study of the Films of David Lynch

A vivre absolument! Frontal, bi-frontal, tri ou quadri-frontal, on bouge les chaises et tout est possible moyennant quelques bras. Et "last but not least" , les concerts, chers amis, sont gratuits! Oyez, oyez! Le dispositif est englobant. Pas plus. Et la ville enveloppe le tout, tout autour. Car le propre des questions est de ne jamais fermer ni figer le sens. Ouvrir, toujours.

Faire bouger les lignes. Par Marie Plantin.

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Et double. Et pourtant. Art, mix et mode, que demander de plus pour ce samedi?

Bien, bien, bien! Par Rita Carvalho. Sans raison. Et puis finalement Petit Paysan - Hubert Charuel - - 1h30 - Audiodescription. How will she adapt to this new situation? She has made around a dozen shorts, including Orsolya, her graduation film. The misadventure of an old woman obsessed with birds and her son, who thinks that can fly. Filipe Abranches was born in Lisbon, in Between ecstasy and deep malaise, the young girl is looking for THE answer to her questions.

Suppose it was simply Ru? Marike Verbiest studied animation film at the St. She worked as a stop-motion animator at Cosgrove Hall, Pedri animation and Folimage. While she was there she discovered a pronounced liking for working with objects and stop motion animation, that she experienced while working on various exercises. Paul Cabon was born in in Brest. Serious dancing and joyful playing to the rhythm of guitars.

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She directed two films there in , Murto and Tollo Muerte. An experimental study of translation of sound into sign. Musical notation and notes are rigorously translated into a basic graphic language. Trois, quatre is his graduation film. Il faut du courage pour aimer… A howling wolf, an embarrassing incident and a missed opportunity.

Love is made of courage…. Born in Samara, Russia, in , Rishat Gilmetdinov studied art before following a career in architecture. He then went to the St.


Humberto s'est pendu. Ils kidnappent le P.

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G de l'entreprise mais leur action est inutile. The action of the film takes place in two periods of time. An old man leads his son through a forest, and is simultaneously under his care confined to bed with a deadly illness. Las is his first feature film.

Il a 11 ans. Depuis son aire de jeux, il surveille son voisinage. Sebastian voit pourrir le bitume. Un changement ne peut venir que par la force. Sebastian lives at home with his mother. He is eleven years old. From an elevated spot in the playground, he surveys his neighbourhood. He can see Jimmy who lives with his parents, even though he's got a child of his own.

BAC de Philo : La conscience - L'inconscient

He can see Anders, who's just been given planning permission for a new carport. In a hollow where the surface water blends into the brook, Mischa is looking for fish. He came as a guest worker in the seventies but still hasn't left. Sebastian sees the asphalt rotting. He sees hollyhocks eating their way into the foundations causing fractures in the concrete slabs laid directly on the ground.

Weakening confined root space, lack of water and low nutritional values. A break-up can only come through force. He has also made several short films. Une route, en Patagonie. A road in Patagonia.

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A start, a disorientation, a return. A new start. In the middle of the night, a man prepares to leave the house. In a dark street he carries a black box in his hand and walks to a small square with houses on the side and illuminated by a lamp.